Saturday, 3 December 2011

Things I Do To My Face !

Sometimes when my lips are seriously dry or I know there's an upcoming event where I will need to wear some lip product, I sleep with a generous layer of Vaseline on my lips.

The goal is to have it on your lips the entire night without smearing it onto your pillowcase!

In the morning, my lips feel so much softer! If I'm doing it for an upcoming event, I will wear Vaseline consecutively for three days prior just to make sure that my lips lines are also minimised.

via Avene

There are nights when I look into the mirror and I see my skin looking exhausted and stressed. On those nights, I will use a cream mask as my moisturiser and continue to do so until my skin recovers. 

The aim is to heal the skin through nourishment. Generally speaking, cream masks are more nourishing than moisturisers. So by substituting your moisturiser with a cream mask helps your skin to absorb more hydration than normal.

Just as a recap, why is moisture so important? Lack of hydration is often a common cause for many skin problems and enough moisture will help alleviate these issues.

I like to use Avene's Instant Soothing Moisture Mask. It has a creamy texture that absorbs nicely on my skin and, given enough time to sink in, doesn't end up on my pillowcase. I smear it on clean skin with nothing underneath and it gives a pretty good result. It also has calming properties that eases the irritations and redness on my skin that comes with exhaustion and stress.

When I wake up in the morning, my skintone is noticeably smoother and the redness in my skin is less obvious. After three days, my skin is a lot less irritable and I find that I can do without using it on a fourth night.

When cleansing my face, I like to make circular motions starting from the outer of my face and gradually move to the centre.

Most people do the reverse, but by moving from the outer to inner, you're essentially going against the direction of your facial hair growth and pores. That means you'll get an even better cleanse.

original graphic was without the white 'v' shape on the middle of the lips and was

To get more defined and fuller looking lips, I like to use white eyeliner to draw a 'v' shape in the middle of my cupid's bow. 

It gives my lips more depth without having to use lipliner.

What are some of the things that you do to your face?


  1. THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH. Ahahahaha this is really (really really) useful. I didn't know about the face washing thing xD

  2. Very nice post indeed;) I used to use the Avenu's UV cream as touch up for morning when I was in high school, but I found out it was too oily for 'that' me. lol Their handcream is also good, did yo know? :)

  3. interesting post, I never knew that washing your face inwards would make a difference! I actually do the reverse, so I'll change my habit now and see if that makes any difference! :D

  4. I do a lot of things to my face...including making funny faces...hahahahaha ok... I use so much product on my face, eye cream, wrinkle serum, brightening serum, and moisturizer. However, the #1 most important step is taking off your make-up properly and I use a clarisonic ;)

  5. omg i thought i was the only 1 who slathered on vaseline before bed! i put it around my eye area too hahaha it's so dry here during winter. i look so freaking shiny before i go to sleep.

  6. Vaseline was my go-to lip product when my lips were really really dry.

    I want to try some Avene face products. I have heard good things about the mask. Do you recommend any other Avene products?

  7. nice tricks! I like to do the same thing with base-makeup and move it outwards too :D unfortunately I find vaseline too drying but I do agree hydration is really important!