Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Shiseido Make Up Tools - Eyelash Curler & Perfect Foundation Brush

I have always maintained that good make up begins with good skin. A good painting is infinitely aided with a good canvas. Because of this, I am eternally on the hunt for products that moisturises and nourishes my skin. You definitely see that reflected in how the majority of this blog is dedicated to skincare as opposed to cosmetics. 

But I guess, I'm starting to realise that the tools we use to apply our make up is just as important. Sure, it may not be news to you, but I've always chosen to blend and apply my foundation with my fingertips! Sometimes, I'll use a paddle foundation brush but I can't say that the finished product looks drastically different. 

I stopped by the Shiseido counter recently to check out their make up tools. I've heard so many rave reviews about their foundation brush ($250HK) and eyelash curler ($130HK) and I ended up purchasing one of each to try. 

I have about five eyelash curlers lying around in my drawers at home! Eyelash curlers seriously never work for me - never, ever! My eyelashes always look bent afterwards and then tend to fall straight back down with mascara. The clamp also isn't flat enough to capture the short lashes so that means if I ever get a curl, it's mostly the middle section.

And don't even get me started on how many times I've accidentally clamped my eyelid.

But this Shiseido eyelash curler is certainly different. The absolute advantage of this curler is that, instead of a roundier clamp which would favour those with already long lashes, this one is much flatter. This makes it wayyyy more easier for me to get all my lashes, including the insanely short ones at the start and the end.

It's also lightweight and has a soft rubber clamp which feels gentle on the lashes.

Can I just say that rave products never seem to work for me? NEVERRRRRRRR and it's so frustrating! When I talk to people and they're going on and on about how Popular Product 'A' is so great and I'm there going 'Yeah errr it didn't work for me'. They literally look at me like, 'What's so great about you that my HG doesn't work for you?'. 

Yeah, my life is complicated.

Anyway, this Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush deserves each and every rave it gets!

The brush is short-handled, slightly slanted ans has extremely dense bristles. I usually dot foundation mixed with moisturiser onto my face and use the brush to dab it in. I then use it in a swiping motion for a clean finish. 

I do apply a little bit of pressure when dabbing on trouble areas like under the eye. Before I got the brush, my foundation always caked and fell into the fine lines under my eyes. But now, I've noticed that this has happened less thanks to the pressurised dabbing motion.

I'm not an expert with make up brushes but this sure beats my regular paddle foundation brush. For one it doesn't streak and it really helps the foundation to blend seamlessly onto my skin. Without it, if you look close enough, my foundation looks like it's sitting on top of my skin. 

With the brush, my face doesn't look terribly made it. It just looks like my skin but with an evened out skintone and I think that's what you want for a normal day look!


  1. I had the shiseido curler but I ended up giving it to my mom, the shu curler works better for my eye shape. My mom loves it though. I saw this brush on youtube once, I don't remember who raved about it but it does look interesting.

  2. That shiseido perfect brush looks really georgeus.


  3. Great review! I find different foundations apply better with different brushes which is why I have about 3 different foundation brushes haha (paddle, flat top, stippling as well as my fingers!)

    I've been using Shu Uemura curlers for the longest time and it works great for me! I heard some people prefer Shiseido over Shu but I guess it depends on your eye shape. Since owning Shu I've never pinched my eyelids :)

    Have you tried waterproof mascara to prevent your lashes from drooping? I must say it is a bummer to remove though.

  4. I use that eyelash curler every day :) That foundation brush has been on my radar for ages ever since I heard Mandy Moore uses it LOL. I think it's something like $50 here so I haven't caved because I'm currently super happy with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, but still. Really want to try it especially after your review - glad it works well for you :)