Disclosure Policy

  • I value honesty, so the reviews you find on this blog are real opinions. 
  • I value authenticity, so if a product/service has been gifted/sent to me, I will clearly state this so that you are aware.
  • I value trust, so if I am compensated in any way for a post, I will make this obvious to you. 
  • I value attention to detail, so I endeavour to reference graphics that aren't mine. Having said that, there may be some photos out there that haven't been referenced. I apologise in advance if they belong to you. If you would like me to credit/take the picture down, please email me at thisisvalentine[dot]outlook[dot]com

I am not a professional or expert on the topics that I blog about and therefore the reviews read on THIS IS VALENTINE . are purely based on personal opinion and experiences. This means that what works for me, may or may not work for your particular situation. Please research thoroughly and use discretion when purchasing any of the products/services appearing on this blog.

Thank you for understanding!

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